This is more than just a tutu! It’s a high-waisted skirt made from four-way stretch fabric with an attached tutu that falls playfully off of your hips. The hem of the tutu encases the electroluminescent wire, which curls along the edge to give it extra volume. There is a small pocket on the inside to hold your money, license etc!

As with all my items, this is dance friendly and customizable. You can choose from a variety of colors and prints for the skirt and well as the tutu and glow colors. 

The battery pack fits comfortably and securely into a small pocket on the skirt that is hidden under the tutu on the hip. Two AA batteries are required and included.

The color of the tutu will have an effect on the color of the GLOW you choose. If you pick a deeper color light with a dark tutu it will be a little less bright than a lighter color in a lighter tutu. A green light will look slightly different in color if you put it with a blue organza vs. yellow. 

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